What you can do

1. Register as a bone marrow donor

Click here to learn how to become a bone marrow donor in your country.

2. Donate your baby's cord blood (from the placenta's umbilical cord).

If you are in the UK you can donate cord blood through Anthony Nolan or the NHS. If you are not in the UK please google how to donate cord blood in your country. 


The stem cells from bone marrow or cord blood are used to give cancer patients new immune systems and often this is the only way to cure the type of cancer Lila has. Your donation could save the life of children like Lila. Typically, only a sample of saliva is required to add you to the registry. Many people do not sign up as they think donating bone marrow is painful. The charity Anthony Nolan, explains here why this is a myth. Minor discomfort for a day or two is nothing compared to saving a life!

3. Share Lila's page as widely as possible on Facebook 

(finding a donor depends on many hundreds of thousands of people registering)


4. RT Lila's tweet


5. Donate blood (Lila has needed 20 blood transfusions)

6. Donate money to your local bone marrow register (many are charities that depend on donations)


Our lives have been absolutely shaken by what is happening to our daughter, and so we see the the world under different eyes. We have also shared many months in hospital with other children suffering from childhood cancer and their parents, some of these children unfortunately lost their battle. It is fair to say that we are humbled by how brave these children and families are, and truly thankful to all those people who regularly donate blood and bone marrow, as if this wasn't the case, none of these kids, including Lila would now be alive. Please, consider donating!